Supermodel Confidence

Supermodel Confidence

The name Charmaine Harn may probably resonate with you. Her familiar name resounds through the halls of fashion, and her famous face has grazed the covers and pages of many fashion magazines. Standing at 1.78m tall, the celebrity model has just recently relocated back to Singapore, and is back in full force! A natural beauty and a gentle soul, Charmaine sits down with me over cheese and champagne (yes, she loves to eat!), speaking from her heart and not holding back on any empowering advice.

“Choose the people around you wisely, the people who make you feel yourself.”

Owing her confidence to her mother, Charmaine firmly believes in being surrounded by positive people, who build you up and allow you to blossom. Having travelled to Taiwan to walk the Chanel runway at the tender age of 15 and later on living in major fashion capitals like Milan to pursue her modeling career, Charmaine’s independence and confidence blossomed quickly.

“I had to be (naturally confident) from a very young age…since I was a little girl, my mum always told me to behave like a lady…and I think I was lucky, I had a few girls who took me under their wing, and I think I had a good head on my shoulders, I would bring things like books instead of just sitting around and doing nothing or gossiping with other girls…”


When I asked her if there was any advice she would like to give women who are in the early stages of working, I loved what she had to say…

“I want to say that my advice is…be ballsy man! If you’re just starting out in your first entry, or your first job, be ballsy! Stand out, like you know…just rage on, literally. I think, most of the time, the most talented and possibly successful people play themselves down because they feel guilty they stand out from their peers, or they stand out from their colleagues, I don’t think that’s something that anyone of us should feel, you know? Most younger people, or most people who are new to their jobs do that, because they want to fit in then it’s always later down the line that you want to stand out. You should (from the beginning) just go for it! The people that try to hold you down, are not the people you want to be with anymore…you don’t have to worry what they think, or impress or try to please them…you don’t want them in your life, not now, not at any point. I wish someone had kind of told me that too because I was kind of trying to be normal, accepted…but then, those people that I wanted to impress are no where to be seen now…at the first chance they got, they took that special road, and stood out and they are exactly where they want to be now, and that’s good for them, it’s not their fault that I…played myself down.”

Charmaine is currently the creative director of her company Charmed, an online holistic store she founded featuring crystal charm bracelets she lovingly crafts by hand.

“Be true to yourself, don’t suppress who you really are or you will never blossom.”

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