The ANNPower Team

The ANNPower Team


Aileen, Professional Make-up Artist

‘I love what I do, helping women look their most beautiful and seeing bright smiles on their faces, that keeps me loving my job.’ Aileen has been in the beauty industry for the past seven years, specializing in make-up for all occasions with masterful skills in eyebrow embroidery. As busy as she is, Aileen will always find time for yoga, traveling and singing. She aspires to start her own make-up studio one day, and believes that being the empowered woman requires hard work and honesty.




Eileen, Entrepreneur and Photographer

Having majored in Fashion Communications, Eileen has a deep interest for aesthetics, finding inspiration through beautiful visuals, photographs and fashion. ‘Being an entrepreneur, time is precious and every minute counts. I know I have goals to fulfill, and I want to be somewhere in life and inspire others. I want to prove that our limitations are in the mind, and we have the ability to achieve anything.’ Snapping beautiful photographs and enjoying a good glass of red after a long day are a few of her favourite things to do. web api security To Eileen, being the empowered woman is to embrace who you are, while being proud of your talents and flaws.



Mallory, Designer at Ann Teoh and Quirky Illustrator

Mallory is a designer at the Ann Teoh studio and is a lover of ethereal Japanese art and a dreamy illustrator in her spare time. With a talent for illustrating beautiful images, Mallory imbues life into empty pages, sketching and illustrating every Ann Teoh gown onto paper. Her inspiration is found in the streets of Japan, and at times finds that illustrating can more accurately express how she feels, more than words ever can. Mallory feels that the empowered woman is an inspired woman.



Charmaine, Writer

Writer for the ANNPower Series, writing, traveling and being inspired keep me sane. Being the empowered woman is to be strong and courageous while standing firm for what you believe in. I am a true believer of the idea that women should help other women, and the ANNPower Series aims to do just that. Let us learn from one another, life is too short for anything otherwise.

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